Hey! Welcome to my website. Here’s some sloppy ass info (sorry but things change so I don’t wanna make it all beautiful) about what’s going to be happening on my youtube channel and twitch stream!

I’m not doing LPs. I’m not posting videos on youtube anymore. I don’t want to make LPs and I sure don’t like the way people on youtube and other forums have treated me when I did them. I do still stream though!

If you missed a stream there are a TON of videos on that you can watch of old streams. There are tons of hours of enjoyment and full playthroughs of games!

How to be informed of when I start my stream: Do you wish it was easier to know when I start streaming? Rather than checking your youtube (I don’t know if I’ll always post on youtube when I start if the stream is really chill), you can get informed these ways which will be more instantaneous depending on how you roll:

Hope to see you there!