About Me

My name is Samantha. You can call me Samm. I’m a gamer and I love to talk about games. I make Let’s Plays on youtube under the screen name ssskinner. I also do live streams of video games on occasion.

I’ve been making Let’s Plays on youtube since late 2008 when I did an LP of Bubsy, the first LP of the game that was completed on the internet. Since then, I have also completed multiple Let’s Plays on games that have never had complete walkthroughs on beforehand, and one game that no one has completed before or since (Claymates). I enjoy trying to pick the biggest variety of games and commentary and have played everything from blind survival horror to action RPGs while talking about evolution and animals to Mario Hacks with co-commentators conversing about anything and everything!

My streams in the past have been on either justin.tv/ssskinner or ustream.tv/channel/ssstreaming and there are videos of past streams on both of those sites. I am also now streaming on ngame.tv/ssstreaming. I stream a couple of times a month up to once a week when I have more time.

This page is a home to an archive of my LPs. There are various ways of watching them: the first would be through youtube, viddler, or blip.tv, but you can also download most of them through iTunes or an RSS feed like a podcast. I’m currently in the middle of updating all of them so this is possible, but it is time consuming.

I also blog on occasion to update fans, but that doesn’t happen very often.