Donation Stream For AGDQ2

My streams take place at

Hey everyone! As you may know, for the past two years there has been a charity marathon called Awesome Games Done Quick. It is put on by the awesome people at Each year, they pick a charity and get together in Washington DC in order to speedrun as many games as possible in a row while collecting money for charity.

The next marathon will be taking place in January 2012. I’ve saved up a little bit of money on my own but since having to quit my job there’s no way I’ll be able to get together enough without doing another donation stream! That’s where you guys come in. I’m not sure how much more money I need, but anything more than the amount for transportation, hotel, and food will go directly in to the donations raised for AGDQ!

On Saturday, November 12 at noon CST (Click here to translate into your own time!) I will start the donation stream. I’m going to play until I run out of donations or until I get too tired to go on. I’ll continue on Sunday and keep going until I finish everyone’s game choices! It will be set up almost exactly like last time:

In order to donate, you can visit this page — to add to my chipin widget. WordPress doesn’t allow widgets to be displayed, but it’s also on my info! If the chipin is not working, my paypal is Make sure you leave a note for me to let me know what game you want me to play but I’ll also ask before I start.

Games available are: ANYTHING for NES, ANYTHING for SNES, ANYTHING for Genesis. And this is a list of my games. There are a ton of steam games, PS2, 360 and Virtual Console (Wii).

If there’s any game you’ve ever wanted to see me play, and it’s possible, I’ll play it!

The rates will go like this:

$5 – half an hour
$10 – a full hour
$15 – an hour with any special restrictions

Restrictions can be anything from telling me to only play with one character, having me talk in crazy voices, being in a skype call with me or even having someone read crazy fan fic to me!

If certain requirements are met, I will be doing special events. They won’t necessarily take place during the donation stream depending on what they are. Here’s a list of currently planned ones:

$100 – 1 hour of dicking around in Saints Row 2/GTA San Andreas

$200 – Dan and I will play Mario Party together, viewers pick characters and board

$300 – 2 hours worth of player made maps for VVVVVV (viewers choose the maps!)

$400 – viewers choice: complete playthrough of the 2nd mansion of Luigi’s Mansion or 2nd playthrough of Clock Tower (PS1) with the other characters

$500 – blind playthrough of Sonic CD

$600 – co-op playthrough with Dan of Lego: Indiana Jones

$700 – Dan playthrough: Metal Gear Solid (in dat tux, probably skipping cut scenes)

$800 – viewer’s choice (options to be decided later)

$900 – Kirby Marathon (not every Kirby game ever, but all the ones I have)

$1,000 – Kamek’s Revenge!!