Q) How did you get into Let’s Play? What made you start doing it yourself?
A) In mid-2008, a friend linked me to a hilarious video of a game called Cat Mario. When I went to show it off to some friends, I couldn’t find the one she linked and instead found a video by Cauchemar89 of his playthrough of the game. I then watched his Kamek’s Revenge LP, and through it found a whole slew of LPers through the site. I decided that I wanted to do an LP of Bubsy because I found there had been no one on any website who had completed one. Dan, my boyfriend, is a film editor, and had the ability to record straight from a cartridge (yes, I actually could record TVs before I could screen capture). I did Bubsy with live commentary, with some help from friends I made on some now defunct forums. It was fun and I kept finding games I could LP.

Q) What equipment do you use to record game footage?
A) Well, I have a MacBook Pro, and I use a few piece of software and hardware in conjunction with it: I have a Hauppage PVR, a Elgato Video Capture device (for streaming). I also use iMovie and Final Cut Pro to edit videos, depending. To screencap emulators or computer games, I use iShowU.

Q) Do you take game requests?
A) I very rarely have and probably won’t unless the game meets a few criteria. The first is that it must not be boring to watch. Specifically it cannot be an RPG, puzzle game, rhythm game, or anything that’s got a lot of dialogue in it. I know that’s really subjective, but it’s only a certain type of game I like LPing. I also have to be able to get the game in order to play it. Lastly, I have to like the game or think it’s obscure enough to show off.

Q) What is your favorite game?
A) My favorite games are varied, but I do love Super Mario RPG, Chrono Cross, Zuma, Dr. Mario, Dragon Age: Origins, the Katamari Damacy series, Persona 3/4, Yoshi’s Island, Eternal Darkness, and a ton of other kinds of games. I think being a hardcore gamer has more to do with loving all kinds of games rather than just shooting people in the face. The only style of game I really dislike at this point is RTS games. Of the games I’ve LPed, my favorites are probably SMW2+2, Eternal Darkness, VVVVVV, and EVO: Search for Eden.

Q) What is the worst game?
A) Dude why do people ask me this all the time. I fucking do not know. The worst game to me is probably Claymates just because fuck that game. Bubsy 3D is also a travesty. Out of the games I’ve LPed, the only awful one is Claymates, but Bubsy was also awful.

Q) What should I do to make a good LP?
A) Record good, quality video – no watermarks, no recording a television EVER. Record clear, crisp audio – use a good mic with no background interference. Make sure game audio is synced and audible. Other than that, it’s really up to you. People will watch anything that keeps them entertained and people have different tastes. Also ask someone to help you make sure you’re funny or interesting or even tolerable.

Q) What games are you going to LP in the future?
A) I’m not LPing anymore. If you want to know what I might stream, you can ask me about individual games. I usually just randomly choose though.

Q) What do you think of [random internet celebrity]?
A) Don’t give a fuck. Please don’t ask.

Q) Is Dan L0rdVega?
A) Dude I don’t even know how people get this confused. L0rdVega is an LPer. Dan is my fiancé (possibly husband by the time you read this). They don’t look or sound alike.

Q) Where is L0rdVega?
A) I don’t know. I don’t talk to him anymore. Please don’t ask me about him. Thank you.

Q) You think you’re better than all of us, don’t you? You don’t listen to critique! You are a jerk face butt poop.
A) Again, I’m not even that popular of an LPer and I hate most of my LPs so yeah I disagree. A lot of people think I’m really into myself. I even wrote a blog about this a few years ago. I make LPs to show off games and have fun. If I thought I was better than everyone, I’d just ignore comments and feedback.

Q) Will you be my friend?
A) No, sorry.

A) I tried LPing it. I hated it. The game is shitty. I will never LP Haunting Ground. Same goes for Fatal Frame.