Let’s Plays!

Here’s a chronological list of all of my Let’s Plays, and a little bit of information about each one. Click the link in order to see the write up and get links to the videos.

Let’s Play Bubsy!

This was my first Let’s Play. Bubsy is a sidescrolling platformer for the SNES.

Let’s Play Luigi’s Mansion!

My second LP is of a “survival horror” game for the Gamecube. Lyrax made one of the videos, and he and L0rdVega helped with co-commentary on the finale video.

Let’s Play Claymates!

This game is a piece of shit for the SNES and it’s fucking awful but I’m the only one who has ever made it through a whole LP of this game. Please watch it and learn who Globmeister is.

Let’s Play Super Ghetto World!

A couple of friends of mine showed me this Super Mario World hack and helped me do commentary on the videos. It’s probably my funniest LP to date, but that’s not because of me!

Let’s Play BS Kaizou Tyoujin Shubibinman Zero!

The long title is because it was a release on the Super Famicom. The game has never been released in America, but due to rom technology, L0rdVega and I were able to co-op the game.

Let’s Play E.V.O.: Search For Eden!

This Let’s Play is special because it’s my only RPG playthrough and because you can learn from it!

Let’s Play Clock Tower 3!

When I found this in the bargain bin for six dollars, I picked it up. I wanted to do a blind horror game playthrough, and this was perfect.

Let’s Play Super Mario World 2+2!

I love the original, and this was the only hack I could find of it at the time that I hadn’t seen played. I called in a bunch of my friends to do co-commentary and we had a lot of fun.

Let’s Play Super Castlevania IV!

When people asked me over and over again when Dan was going to do his own LP, I decided to have him do some co-op commentary with me. But he ended up with the controller!

Let’s Endure Lost: Via Domus!

Vega and I didn’t call this an LP because we literally just sat down to see how long we could make it through this awful game in one sitting. (Spoiler: we beat it.)

Let’s Play Lego Batman!

I’m hesitant to put this on here because it’s incomplete, but two of the three storylines are done, so if you watch it, you won’t feel like you’re left on a cliffhanger!

Let’s Play Limbo!

This game is minimalist, beautiful, and shocking. It’s truly a game of art. papervampire donated it to me because he wanted to see an LP of it, and I spent a while thinking about how to do it right. People seem to like it!

Interactive Heavy Rain Stream

While not a Let’s Play, this interactive stream came close. Over the course of two days, I played through the entire game while allowing viewers to choose the outcomes of major decision.

Let’s Play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories!

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released on Wii in late 2009 and PS2 and PSP in early 2010. I am playing through the Wii version. I have played and beaten it multiple times, so I know the game pretty well.

Let’s Play VVVVVV!

Call it vvvvvv, “All of the Spikes”, “v times 6,” or whatever you wanna, but this game is super fun. I played through it blind. Also I sucked at it.


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