[GC] Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

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Game: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
System: Gamecube (However, there is a massive amount of screen shots, video, and description on this Italian website about the Nintendo 64 version that was almost completed before they decided to released it on the Cube. I…don’t speak Italian.

General Ironicus does and here are a few posts of translations: 1, 2, 3, 4.)
Year: 2002
LP Format: Video LP with Audio Commentary and a twist — I will be doing the commentary while L0rdVega does the gameplay (I’ve beaten the game quite a few times, but he’s inherently better at it than I am, so I decided it would be nicer to let you see him play than to watch me fumble.)

Get used to seeing this face.

What is it with horror games and mansions?
I really don’t know. Sweet Home, Resident Evil, Clive Barker’s Undying, Clock Tower, Luigi’s Mansion even, set in old, towering mansions. Maybe it’s the creaks you hear at night, empty spaces where people could be lurking, branches scratching across windows, altars where your grandpa could have been trying to summon an entity to be one with you on your fifteenth birthay and …yeah.

What’s the backstory?
That’s just it. This whole game is back story. Two thousand years of it. It starts in 26 B.C. with a Roman Soldier named Pious Augustus in Ancient Persia and ends in 2000 A.D. a couple of hours after Alex finds the book of Eternal Darkness.

When Edward Roivas is brutally murdered (I won’t spoil, but you’ll find out how in video one), his granddaughter Alexandra is summoned to his mansion in Rhode Island by the police to identify his body. When she gets there, the brutality of his death leads her (stupidly, and like all other protagonists in these mansion-horror games) to decide to stay in the freaking place until she finds out whatever crazy mystery is going on there.

And it’s a pretty crazy mystery.

Each page from the tome made of skin that Alexandra Roivas finds in the hidden back room of her grandfather’s mansion contains another story, another horror. Each character plays differently: the young boy in ancient Persia is fast and wields a sword; the old, fat man during the American Revolutionary War is slow and has a musket that must be loaded between rounds; the fireman can run longer than anyone else but is easily stripped of his sanity.

See that green bar? That’s your character’s sanity meter. Yes, there are normal health and magic meters, but this sanity thing…well, I don’t want to spoil too much, but tilting rooms, wild moans, backwards voices, and your head falling off are just a small fraction of the craziness that will happen to you when your sanity is low.

There are also multiple paths that effect the story and gameplay.

Okay, so multiple paths? How are you gonna show us all of them?

I will be using saved data from old playthroughs in order to show you the alternate cutscenes and ending you get after you complete the game three times, taking each path once.

How’re we watching this?
Widescreen, baby! One video a character, one bonus for every alternate scene for their chapter page.

The Videos

The videos are in the order they appear in the game.

0. The Intro – youtube

1. Pious Augustus – youtube
1.5. Pious Augustus – alternate scenes – youtube

2. Ellia – youtube
2.5. Ellia – alternate scenes – youtube

3. Anthony – youtube

4. Karim – youtube

5. Dr. Maximillian Roivas – youtube
5.4. Max – alternate scenes – youtube
5.5. Max – alternate bosses – youtube
5.6. Max – autopsy ravings – youtube
The text of the Aaron Roivas letters and Max’s first journal page are here.

6. Edwin Lindsay – youtube

7. Paul Luther – youtube
7.5. Paul – alternate deaths – youtube
The letters from Paul’s chapter.

8. Roberto Bianchi – youtube

9. Peter Jacob – youtube
9. Peter Jacob 2 – youtube
9.5. Peter – alternate scenes – youtube
The letters from Peter’s chapter and Max’s second journal page.

10. Edward Roivas – youtube
10.5 Edward Roivas 2 – youtube
Letters from this video.

11. Michael Edwards – youtube

12. Alex Roivas – youtube
12.5. Alex – alternate game endings – youtube
12.6. Alex – alternate deaths – youtube

More Bonus Stuffs:

Black Rose (The Darkness Is Coming)

Part of the Audio Book: Michael’s Chapter

A Special Segment: Things That Are Not “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”

1. DJ Eternal Darkness
2. What would Alex do in SSBB?
3. Swedish Metal
4. Arch Angel’s Realm Of Eternal Darkness

And now…for some fan art.

Can I still call this fanart even though I made it? (Thanks to OmegaZultan for the Fronch.)

Circle of porn, drawn by Mike Nnemonic.


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  1. General Ironicus wrote:

    Various theories on the beta of Eternal Darkness

    This article was written some years ago, more like a series of personal notes than to be read by a wide audience. Therefore, the text is incomplete but maybe one day I’ll find the desire to finish this spiritual search on Silicon Knights’ horror title. If you really want a deeper understanding beyond the present information, you can listen to the podcast, if you have the courage. However, please excuse me for the brevity and the awful quality of this analysis.

    The Eternal Darkness project, already in the N64 version had many of the characteristics and scenes that were later represented on Gamecube.


    Eternal Darkness Gamecube:

    With the postponement of the game to the Gamecube, Silicon Knights could not succeed in completing the whole project. The most attentive gamers gave birth to theories and various mental saws (maybe an idiom I don’t know?) on Eternal Darkness, leaks after it finished had all 3 alignments. Is possible that I show lot of evidence that the game has been heavily cut and it is easy to find the connections with the 2 new episodes that had been programmed, that have been announced by Denys Dyack. Its possible that Silicon Knights thought of more chapters for the game but realized they could not implement them all before it was due to come out, and had been postponed too much already. It was at this time the the decision to add the subtitle “Sanity’s Requiem” was made, to refer to this chapter, while the name for the whole saga was preserved. Spoiler warning: if you have not finished the game you may not want to read this page.

    If people want I’ll keep working on that article, its good to keep in practice.

  2. General Ironicus wrote:

    The Mystery of Joseph DeMolay:

    This Templar Knight is not present in the final version of Eternal Darkness. The “official” justification for his absence has appeared on various sites and discussed, explaining that the character was just made for the demo and to test branches of the game. But we can confirm that is a lie. For one, it would have been useless to create a new polygonal model, to record motion capture and all the other various needs of the character, with an enormous loss of time end effort just for a demo, when they could have used one of the pre-existing characters. The thing that convinces me Joseph was originally meant to be a playable character is his presence in the images from the N64 version. Silicon Knights had therefore begun to make the character; when it was time to move the game to the Gamecube, the character was also changed. Joseph DeMolay was therefore dropped towards the end of the development, perhaps to accelerate the release of the already delayed game.


    Its important to note the knight is not completely absent from ED, in fact as many have noted you can see him in am opening film for the stage with Roberto Bianchi. In the stage we see DeMolay has been captured by Pious, and is the only that can see his true appearance. The skeleton notices the special capacity of the man, and sentences him to be the base of the column of meat and bones. Likely we will be able to discover his story in an eventual “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’ s Redemption”.


    The dead knights are present in numerous rooms in the chapter of Karim . Their appearance and the fact that there is no explanation on how they were able to enter the secret temple or the reason they were killed suggests they could be some leftovers of the cut chapter about Joseph DeMolay. Likely they were men of the same company of crusaders as DeMolay, who falls during the battle against Pious that is named in that stage of the game.

  3. General Ironicus wrote:

    Characters in the Darkness:

    This is an image taken from an old background of the PC version of ED, we can see the group of game characters, so the original idea had been thought out. Besides the previously mentioned Joseph and the characters we already know, one notes on the right there is what appears to be an early design of Roberto Bianchi , while on the left a large man that we have no information of.

    120 Spells?

    Denis Dyack, the man behind all Silicon Knights projects said several times that it would be possible to try varied combinations to finally arrive at 120 spells. In the final version, like we all thought, its possible to cast 15 at maximum if we count different effects from using Mantorok’s alignment . Its likely that before it was cut it was possible to use more than 2 different runes in a circle of power, instead of just filling it with Pargon.

    The postman always rings 333 times

    In the cutscene after Michael Edwards’ chapter we see the Canadian fireman deliver a strange package to Edward . At first we believe it contains the last remaining essence , but after taking control of Alex again the bell rings and at the door is another package, which actually contains the last essence (and the Gradius if found) . If this is Michael’s package then who took it to the Roivas house? Since Silicon Knights put so much thought into the plot of their games (writing the story begins before game development), it is strange this question goes unanswered. I think the answer will be revealed in the next chapter of Eternal Darkness

  4. General Ironicus wrote:

    Screw it, I’m finishing this tonight.

    MIA [literally: Missing people of War]

    Another MIA character in Eternal Darkness is this soldier that one can see in a small video that preceded the release of the game. His chapter should have been housed in the desert temple at the time of the Gulf War , or at least it seems that way. It was likely cut at the last stage of development in favor of Michael Edwards’ chapter instead, maybe due to time or for some problem with political correctness [the phrase used is “ethnic-political problem”]. If they ever release more Eternal Darkness games it is likely this Marine will be playable.


    Like Joseph, the other cut soldier (or one of his companions) he has a small indirect appearance in the final game. In fact at the beginning of Michael Richards’ chapter we find him dead on the ground and we’re able to take his guns . Its easy to imagine that his story somehow connects with the Gulf War fireman

    Who are You? [Why the hell are three of these in English?]

    Another character that seems to come from out of nowhere is this shaman-type guy that gives Elia the essence of Mantorok at the end of her chapter . Silicon Knights said they care a lot about the solidity of the plot and since there is no explanation for the shaman we can hope there is one in the future. Some rumors say this was originally a playable character and the nemesis of Pious; like the Roman soldier he is under the control of an Ancient: [psoiler] the Indian has submitted himself to the influence of Mantorok (and this explains his gift of the essence)[/spoiler]

    Stuffing the Feathers of the Goose

    During the famous “feather scene” where Maximilain falls prey to insanity and kills all his butlers , you can plainly see 4 dead. When Alex examines the room she counts three dead bodies and one asks what end met the fourth. I don’t feel that at the moment there is an answer, so it is strange the text would give it and not answer.

    Yellow Magic

    In an interview on the Nintendo of America Website Denis confirmed that in Eternal Darkness one could find the influence of another alignment already known:

    “And there’s a lot of the universe that we haven’t explored. One of the things that I talked about – and maybe we have to be not as subtle in the next one – but the yellow magic did represent something. And a lot of people didn’t notice that. So wherever there was yellow, there was a representation of another Ancient One that we haven’t talked about yet.”

    Therefore, we can expect a Yellow alignment in the next chapter of the Eternal Darkness saga.

  5. Aaron Roivas’s letters:

    Letter #1 posted:

    Dear Friend,

    The antiquity of which you ask is indeed the Tomb of Eternal Darkness or a copy of it at least. Its secrets are still hidden from me, for I have been unable to read it, as have most scholars who have tried.

    It will remain within the sanctity of the mansion, for in the wrong hands it would be a powerful weapon.

    Pursue it if you will, but beware its Magick… it is a harsh mistress.

    Aaron Roivas

    Letter #2 posted:

    Dear Friend,

    The House has been forsaken by the Ancients – I dare not enter it for fear of my mortal soul. I would suggest that you leave also. Bring the book. It is a far more potent tool than you have learned, and may well swing the balance in our favor.

    A. Roivas

    Letter #3 posted:

    Dear Friend,

    As I suspected, the Ruins of Ehn’gha-that blasted necropolis-lies deep under the site of the mansion! The accursed servants of Xel’lotath are so close I can almost hear their chittering!

    There is a secret opening in the basement, and from there we can gain access… I urge you to gather some men and seal it, or better still, destroy the damned place!

    I have stowed something that you will find useful on the upper level. Look to the light and you will find it.

    I wish that I could be at your side, but my ailment worsens daily and I know that my time is short…


    Letter #4 posted:

    Dear Friend,

    As I expected, the beasts are drawing closer to our discovery. They want the book for themselves it seems, and do not want us to have it in our possession. I have taken steps to ensure that their ilk will not touch the key in this envelope should you fall prey to their claws.

    The envelope containing the basement key has been sealed with a corrosive Magick-if one not aligned to us tries to open it, it will be released, inflicting pain, suffering and a grievous blow to their sanity, should they have any left!

    Be swift with your task!


    The Journal of Maximillian Rovias

    Page #1 posted:

    Everything that brightened my life now engulfed me in darkness. I fed on the light of truth yet starved on the shadows of lies. I have learned through my lifetime but know less than a newborn baby.

  6. Diary Page 1

    I have finally arrived at Amiens, and my pilgrimage to see the Hand of Jude draws to a close.

    I cannot wait to lay eyes upon the sacred relic. My journey here has been arduous and it shall be good to relax for a while in this peaceful village.

    Amens is full of good people, strong in their faith and their role in our world. If the blight of witchcraft is present in this world, then I doubt it is in Amiens.

    Diary Page 2

    I suppose it is understandable that they will not show me the Hand of Jude on such little notice, but I must confess that the preparations they make are most unusual.

    No acts of consecration, no daily prayer or worship are demonstrated by this strange order. One wonders if they are holy at all, let alone being under the auspices of the Grand Inquisition.

    Perhaps it is my naivete of our faith. There are many practices associated with it, and they differ greatly from region to region. Perhaps Amiens is merely more eccentric than others.

    Diary Page 3

    With a shudder my heart turned to ice. I came to the brutal realization that the entire order were heretics and that I was in incredible jeopardy!

    Who knows how long they had kept their dark secret-masquerading as Custodians of the Hand of Jude, when in fact, they guarded their own damnable relic, the essence of their dark lord Xel’lotath?

    And used IT to lure potential victims to their hideous sacrifice! I felt sick and, despite my faith, I felt intense fear and hopelessness. I know that I must escape, this place before they suspect my knowledge.

    I must warn the world and notify the real inquisition of their presence. Knowing death is just around the corner and fearing every moment, I commit these words to paper. Augustine will find this book.

    I will remove certain pages and hide them, so that all who may follow might discover the truth before it is too late.

    Forgeries of the Reliquaries

    Doubtless, many obscure orders, requiring more income than can be garnered from the tithe, resorted to forging ancient relics to bring people from outside the region to their diocese, and thus become more lucrative. While it could be said that a false hope is still hope, relics such as Cuthbert’s Jawbone, the Hand of Jude, and the infamous Thighbone Flute of Connaught, while being forgeries, deceive the righteous unjustly. Their existence as “true” relics is the utmost heresy.

  7. Soldier’s Letter #1

    I was admitted to this hospital on Tuesday. The damage caused to my legs was slight, but there is no way I could ever walk normally again. I hate this place-every day I am reminded that I will never be able to do the things I love.

    The hospital is a very strange place. Converted from an old cathedral, there is an odd atmosphere around it. Silent but for the words of the wounded out in the night. There is no doubt it is haunted…

    What I find most odd in this place is that you never see anyone leave during the day. It’s not right-no good-byes or farewells. Just an empty bed when you wake.

    Soldier’s Letter #2

    I’ve been here for over a week now, and there is no word when I will be allowed to leave.

    Strange things have happened. At night, the sounds of the hospital change- echoes of voices that don’t belong to anyone haunt the walls and corridors.

    The restless ghosts perhaps, or sounds of movement, or whispers. I have seen war firsthand and the sounds at night in this hospital scare me more than I ever thought possible. What is going on here at night? Why so I feel so threatened?

    My fears are worsened by the talk of the other young soldiers… One said he heard cries for help in the middle of the night-cries that were only answered by snarls of rage, and not compassion. Another said Lance Corporal Hasskill had not been dischanged, but had gone missing.

    I stare at his empty bed with a sense of unholy dread gnawing at my heart.

    Soldier’s Letter #3

    It’s been two weeks since Hasskill went missing, and I’m afraid to go to sleep.

    More than once, I saw shadows of people moving past my bed, peeking though the blinds to see a wounded soldier being taken from his bed, drugged and delirious in the dead of the night, never to be seen again… as Hasskill was, perhaps as I will be…

    What happened to them, I don’t know… I am afraid to ask what happened, for I know that I would surely be the next one to be taken into the darkness.

    The Journal of Maximillian Rovias, Page 2

    I sought to love all, yet now love causes me pain and suffering. I have learned to fear nothing, although it is nothing that I most fear. All that were loyal to me now number among my worst enemies.

  8. Hidden Note From Edward

    Dear Alex,

    I have left you a small surprise to keep you going when everything seems to go away. It was my favorite tipple, and there are several barrels of it in the basement. Please help yourself to what you can find. My guess is that I won’t be needing it.

    Your loving Grandfather, Edward.

    The Journal of Maximillian Rovias, Closing Notes

    As I contemplated these ideas, my suspicions of my servants grew and I became increasingly fearful of them. I began to watch them carefully.

    Days ago, I watched one of them stretch his neck. I could have sword I saw it twist in a most peculiar direction, and a bulge of muscle tissue collect and grew in the most incorrect of manners, as if a bone was being displaced from its proper location and something else moving in its place. I stumbled away knowing that I was surrounded by unholy creatures that wore the skins of mortal men and women! I had to take action!

    Dear God, let my hand be swift and merciful, lest the world see more of these diabolical creatures!

  9. ssskinner wrote:
    Since there’s no update, we have a new “Things That Are Not Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.” This is a doozy.

    Arch Angel’s Realm Of Eternal Darkness

    Arch Angel (who hasn’t updated his site since 2005) is a young man who loves the WWE, Yu-Gi-Oh, Motzart, and writing gothic poetry. I’m not far off from a creative writing BA with an emphasis in poetry, so I thought I’d give his words a whirl.

    MicHael *Arch Angel* Lee posted:

    Each Person Has Their Differences
    The People Who Stand Out Are The Ones That Want Attention
    The Silent Ones Are The Most Suicidal
    Everybody Has A Difference Of Opinions
    But No One Can Agree On What They Want
    Our Society Is Screwed Up
    Our Government Is Dead
    Nothing Ever Goes Right In This World
    People Are Killing Each Other For Nothing
    Our World Needs A Change Or We’ll Perish Into Our Own Destruction
    The World Is In Total Anarchy & Chaos