[GC] Luigi’s Mansion

Game: Luigi’s Mansion
Year: 2001
Type: Action
System: Gamecube (and you can play it on your Wii!)

This was the launch title for the GameCube. It was the first launch title for a Nintendo system to not feature Mario as the main character and only the second game I know of that has Luigi as the main character (<3). I loooove Luigi and love horror games. While this is not really a horror title per say, it's about as dark as a Mario game has ever been.

You are in a haunted mansion sucking up ghosts with a vacuum on your back while helping out a Cabbage Patch Kids reject to get the paintings back on the walls of his messed up gallery. I don't know why more people haven't LPed this game, BUT I have to say most of the people who have have done it have used camcorders….and…it pains me.

Also I LOVE this game! I have never actually beaten the end of it so we'll see if I can do it. It's a fun and short game. Hope you join me for the ride!

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6QFLDRHg%5D

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4 responses to “[GC] Luigi’s Mansion

  1. Rainiac (from the original thread on LPF)

    In case it wasn’t obvious to you all yet, I’m really enjoying this LP. So much so that I’ve decided to repay Sam a little bit by giving her a bit of fan content. Hopefully you guys will see this and response with your own fan content (though I’m not holding my breath).Every time you empty the vaccum cleaner after defeating a boss ghost, all the Portrait Ghosts (including the Boss) that you’ve captured up to that point will be taken out of the Poltergust 3000 and transformed back into paintings. Every time that happens in this LP, I will post a miniature biography for each Portrait Ghost Sam managed to capture. And so without further a do, here’s the first 3 biographies, beginning with…Name: NevilleAKA: The Bookish FatherAge: 42Found In: The StudyOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: ReadingQuote: Ho ho ho ho… Go ahead, try to find me! I can see you but you cannot see me. Ho ho ho ho…Bio: Before the term bookworm was even coined, there was Neville. In life, Neville was a pompous Brit who’s only passion in life was reading. It’s therefore no surprise that this obsessive habit led to his demise. One dismal night he reached for the topmost shelve to fetch his favourite book, and brought the entire bookshelf crashing down on top of him, crushing him underneath. Despite this tragic accident, Neville retained his passion for books even After death, and now his great goal in the afterlife is to read all the books he didn’t get to read while he was alive. Good luck with that Shakespeare, you might have a hard time grabbing hold of them though…Survival Guide:Neville never puts up much of a fight. However, if you do encounter him, you are likely to get attacked by his vast collection of books. This isn’t too hazardous as long as you avoid them. Otherwise Neville is too lazy to attack intruders directlyScare-o-Meter: Name: LydiaAKA: The Mirror-Gazing MotherAge: 34Found In: The Master BedroomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: Gazing in the mirrorQuote: Isn’t my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting…Now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people, though, so everything is coming up roses!Bio: In life, Lydia was the extremely vain wife of Neville. Despite being 8 years his junior, the pair were devoted to each other. So much so that when Neville had his tragic accident Lydia took it so badly that she threw herself out of the window of their luxury home, joining her husband in the afterlife. She came prepared though: she stashed a large amount of money in a secret place in advance, should she ever need it after she died. Where is this money hidden away? I couldn’t tell you even I wanted to. Lydia wouldn’t exactly be my biggest ‘fan’ if I did…Survival Guide: If you’re faced with Lydia, you’re in no danger. She won’t attack intruders and she has no indirect means of attack either. In fact she seems more concerned that there isn’t a draft in her room…Scare-o-Meter: BOSSName: ChaunceyAKA: The Spoiled Baby Age: 1 (But was born a ghost)Found In: The NurseryOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: Sleeping Quote: Horsey…rocky…horseyBio: Chauncey, rather bizarrely, was born a ghost unlike most of the other inhabitants of the mansion. He is Neville and Lydia’s pride and joy and they feel immensely proud whenever the little brat scares someone. Unlike most children, Chauncey likes it when visitors come to call on him, as he likes to play games with them. Unfortunately these games usually culminate in the death of the visitor (most commonly by getting crushed by a giant rocking horse… don’t ask). However, he can dish out punishment but doesn’t like taking it. Attempting to harm the little blighter will only make him angry, and if he’s angry you’re sure to get that shrinking feeling…Survival Guide: If Chauncey takes exception to your existence, you could be in trouble. The little brat is surprisingly fast for his age, and he also has magical rocking horses and bouncing balls at his disposal. Your best bet is to keep moving and wait until he pauses his assault. Oh, and try not to get too freaked out by the fact that HE’S NOW FREAKING HUGEScare-o-Meter:

  2. Well, ssskinner beat Boolossus (on the first try no less), so it’s time for another round of ghost bios…Name: Biff AtlasAKA: The BodybuilderAge: 26Found In: The Rec RoomOptional/Required: OptionalHobby: ExercisingQuote: Look at this buffness! I’m huge! How’d you like to be my punching bag, weakling?Bio: Biff Atlas was one of the World’s most famous and popular strongmen. He was able to lift a car without even breaking a sweat, and it was this and other, similar feats of strength that earned him his reputation. Tragically for Atlas however, he was born with a rare heart defect that his doctor failed to spot. In a moment of bitter irony, Biff was lying on his back lifting a 800 pound dumbbell when he had a heart attack. This caused him to drop the weight he had been lifting and it landed on his windpipe, suffocating him. In life he had been known as a kindly soul, indeed his other favourite thing other than working out was lilies, because they symbolised purity to him. However, after crossing over into the afterlife, he had an attitude readjustment and is now quick to anger if anyone disturbs him working out in the gym. Survival Guide: Biff won’t come after you unless you provoke him, but unfortunately you could provoke him and not even know it. He’ll attack those who do disturb him by spinning his arms, but since he died he’s lost a lot of his stamina and so he can’t come at you very fast. Use this to your advantageScare-o-Meter: Name: Miss PetuniaAKA: The Bathing BeautyAge: UnknownFound In: The BathroomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: BathingQuote: Ahh, a piping-hot shower!Bio: Not much is known about the life of Miss Petunia, other than she’s thought to have died some time ago. As a ghost, she took up modelling as a hobby (ghosts can’t exactly have jobs, can they?) and actually managed to do pretty well in the Miss Ghost competition 6 years ago, narrowly missing out on the top prize and being declared the runner-up. She’s let herself go since then however, and hasn’t managed to pick up many modelling jobs since her glory days. She now prefers to spend as much time as she possibly can in the shower, and the hotter it is, the better. She may be related to Mr Luggs (both of them are fat, both of spit stuff at people they don’t like), but that’s just speculation…Survival Guide: If you come across Miss Petunia, you’re better off not trying to catch a glance of her up close and personal, as she’s likely to take offense to it and spit water at you. If you are stupid enough to take a peek, try to cool down the shower before she has a chance to attack. If you’re lucky, she might just start shivering on the spot, limiting her offensive capability and giving you time to run awayScare-o-Meter: Name: NanaAKA: The Scarf-Knitting GrannyAge: 76Found In: Nana’s RoomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: KnittingQuote: Hey, it’s a funny man. Should I play with him?Bio: Nana is the mother of Lydia and the grandmother of Henry and Orville (see below) and technically Chauncey too. In life her great hobby was knitting, in particular attempting to knit the world’s longest scarf… despite the fact she was allergic to yarn. Don’t ask me for an explanation. It’s the same logic behind the fact that cats love to drink milk despite being lactose intolerant. Nana is now trying to finish the scarf she was unable to complete before her death. She also seems to have been a dick: she was confined to her own room far away from everybody elseSurvival Guide: Nana may not seem much a threat, but appearances can be deceptive. Her yarn balls are actually possessed and can attack intruders without warning, and Nana can also fire knitting needles out of her eyes, making sure that anyone who disturbs her gets the point. She seems to take pleasure in causing pain to the living: if she hits someone, she’ll laugh and disappear. In other words, Nana was a dick in life and is still a dick in deathScare-o-Meter: Name: Slim BankshotAKA: The Lonely Poolshark Age: 29Found In: The Billiards RoomOptional/Required: OptionalHobby: Playing poolQuote: You want some of this?Bio: Slim Bankshot was a potential future world champion in the sport of pool. However, he instead chose to follow the seedier side of the sport and became a notorious poolshark. The proceeds of this criminal activity made Slim rich, but money can’t buy you everything and Slim soon became very lonely. He was subsequently shot by someone he’d tried to fleece and became very dead. Reincarnated as a ghost, he still plays a mean game of pool but now tries to play it straight down the middleSurvival Guide: Slim’s great hobby is pool, but as far as he’s concerned, it’s a game for one. If you try to interject yourself into a game, he’s liable to get angry and attack. If you can somehow deflect his shots back at him however, you just might have a chance of getting awayScare-o-Meter: Name: Henry & OrvilleAKA: The Twin Brothers Age: 5Found In: The Billiards RoomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: Playing hide and seekQuote: NONEBio: The twin sons of Neville and Lydia, Henry and Orville, were inseparable. They did everything together, and they believed that they shared a psychic link, that is, whatever Henry felt or thought, Orville felt or thought the exact same thing, a notion quickly dismissed by their mother. She should not have been so quick to scoff. One fateful day Henry and Orville were playing outside when a car sped down the road, careening into Orville and killing him pretty much instantly. Bizarrely, even though the car had completely missed him, Henry collapsed and died at the exact same time as his twin. They were reunited in the afterlife as ghosts and now love to play with any stranger they come across. They are also quite weedy, even as ghostsSurvival Guide: Fighting Henry and Orville brings new meaning to the term double trouble. Henry will drive a giant toy car across the floor (a trifle tasteless due to what happened to his brother) while Orville will pilot a giant toy plane. If you’re unlucky enough to be locked in with them, you’ll have no choice but to play with him. They often play hide and seek with visitors. If this happens, your best option is to throw the game. Then you may get lucky and they may not attack you. Maybe…Scare-o-Meter: Name: Madame ClairvoyaAKA: The Freaky Fortune-TellerAge: UnknownFound In: The Fortune-Teller’s RoomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: Sitting and waiting for someone to have their fortune told by herQuote: Destiny chooses our paths…Bio: Madame Clairvoya is a gloomy soul… quite literally. It’s unknown when this fortune teller died, but however it happened, she decided to resume her chosen career path upon reincarnation as a ghost. Her depressive demeanour makes every other ghost in the mansion avoid her presence. Even Bogmire doesn’t want to get too close to her. Madame Clairvoya is proud of her ability to see into the future, albeit only up to 49 days into the future, and she’s also the self-professed ‘Seer of dropped items’. Give a dropped item to her and she’ll somehow be able to use it to see into the future. You get the feeling she’d have a field day at a sports event. Reading the signs of all that dropped litter would keep her busy for daysSurvival Guide: There’s no need to even write a survival guide for this ghost. She may be freaky, but she’s also harmless. She won’t even object to reading your fortune. On the contrary, it’s just about the only contact she gets with anyone else, so she’ll be eager to be of assistance. Just try not to get too freaked out by her predictionsScare-o-Meter: BOSSName: BoolossusAKA: The Jumbo GhostAge: UnknownFound At: The BalconyOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: DancingQuote: NONEBio: Boos are usually shy and timid creatures, preferring to run away rather than engage in combat, but sometimes groups of them will get together and their confidence will grow. The entity known only as Boolossus is in fact a giant Boo made up of 15 much smaller Boos. Somehow, the famed ghost professor, Edwin Gadd, managed to capture this behemoth and imprison it in a painting. This however enrages the other Boos and they combined forces to bust out Boolossus and for good measure, all the other ghosts Gadd had previously caught. Perhaps due to his massive size, whenever Boolossus transforms into his giant form, his attitude gets BIG. VERY BIGSurvival Guide: You’ll need more than luck on your side if you have the misfortune to encounter Boolossus. Despite being extremely big he’s really fast and he hits hard. If you somehow find a way to puncture the side of Boolossus, he’ll ‘explode’ into the 15 smaller Boos, at which point you’ll have to take them on one at a time. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed here, but you may have one saving grace. Apparently these Boos are different to the rest of their brethren; they absolutely hate the cold…Scare-o-Meter:

  3. Sorry for the lateness of this last set of bios. I moved back into University of Sunday and was intending to do it then, but something came up, then I went out last night, so now I finally have another time to get these last pearls of wisdom up. Enjoy…Name: Uncle GrimmlyAKA: Hermit of the DarknessAge: 45Found In: The Wardrobe RoomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: StandingQuote: Nobody will find me because I’m old, cranky and, by gum people are afraid of me!Bio: Uncle Grimmly is the token member of Lydia’s family that no one wants to be around. Grimmly was unpopular while alive and tended to keep himself to himself, which suited the rest of the family just fine. When he died and came back as a ghost, he kept away from his fellow family members even more, but the family weren’t complaining. He loves the dark and loves to try and scare the living, but he’s not very good at that….Survival Guide: Nothing to worry about here. The most Grimmly can do is try to scare you, and if the ghost of a balding 40-something year old man weakly raising his arms scares you… then you need to stop walking around haunting mansions you big pussyScare-o-Meter: Name: JarvisAKA: The Jar CollectorAge: UnknownFound In: The Ceramics StudioOptional/Required: OptionalHobby: Hiding in a jarQuote: NONEBio: Jarvis Gloom was one of the world’s principal collectors. The difference was that while other collectors of the world collect things like Star Wars memorabilia and model trains, Gloom’s great passion in life was collecting jars. For many years the reclusive millionaire spent a great deal of time and money tracking down and purchasing rare jars from all over the globe. It’s therefore fitting then that this obsessive hobby was to literally be the death of him. One fateful day, Gloom, a small-built man, was admiring one of his most treasured jars when he lost his balance and fell in. He was wedged in and since he didn’t allow other people into his luxury mansion, no one was around to break him out (not that he would have permitted them to break the jar anyway). As a result he starved to death inside the jar. The manner of his death must have affected his personality when he came back as a ghost, as he now lives inside the very jar that claimed his life.Survival Guide: Jarvis can get quite irritated under certain circumstances, but all in all he’s fairly harmless. He may occasionally throw cheap ceramic vases at intruders, but they’re quite slow and easy to avoid. He also seems to have a weakness to cold and a bizarrely playful nature. This can turn to aggression, but he can’t harm anyone directlyScare-o-Meter: Name: Clockwork SoldiersAKA: The Toy PlatoonAge: None (They’re toys)Found In: The Clockwork RoomOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: GuardingQuote: The valve… The valve… Squeak squeak Heyyyyy, stooooppp lookkkinnnggg at meeee!Bio: These three freaky clockwork soldiers are something of a miracle in terms of existence. They were ‘built’ by a ghostly toymaker many years ago (although how you can build a ghost is beyond me). The toymaker is now nowhere to be seen, but the soldiers can move of their own accord. Without any winding required. Now that’s unnerving. They seem to have some kind of attachment to each other, but just what this attachment entails is unknown. If you ever needed to employ ghostly guards, these guys might be the ones to go for…Survival Guide: If you encounter these soldiers, try to avoid starting one of the many clocks in the room at all costs, as it seems to activate the soldiers if they’re dormant. If you’re unlucky enough to wake them up, they’ll march around and start firing at you with their popguns. The ammo may be made of cork, but it’ll still hurt if it hits you. They do have a fatal weakness though; if you pull the clockwork keys out of their backs, they can’t move very much and they can’t use their guns. The keys can reattach though, so don’t get complacent. Just get out of there while you can…Scare-o-Meter: Name: Sue PeaAKA: The Dozing GirlAge: 7Found In: Guest RoomOptional/Required: OptionalHobby: Sleeping Quote: I won’t wet the bed…I promiseBio: Sue Pea was a sweet little girl, but she had little in the way of stamina and therefore slept for many hours at a time. She also had an abusive father and a problem with bedwetting. It’s not hard to imagine what happened next. Sadly for Sue, her short life came to an end very suddenly at the age of 7. She dozed off for one of her routine naps and never woke up again. Reincarnated as a ghost, she still prefers to sleep, curious given the way she passed away. She also seems upside down. In fact the entire room is upside down…Survival Guide: First things first, try not to be too overwhelmed by the fact the room is the wrong way up. Secondly, if Sue Pea is asleep, it’s probably best to keep it that way. If she is awake, she won’t attack you directly but she does have possess clown dolls that will fly at you. Granted, I doubt dolls can do much damage, but in this mansion you never know. They could have the power of a thrown brick. I suggest not finding out yourself…Scare-o-Meter: Name: Sir WestonAKA: The Chilly ClimberAge: 30Found In: Cold StorageOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: StandingQuote: Darn, I love the cold, I mean, I just plain love it! Bio: Sir Antony Fortescue Weston was one of Britain’s top polar explorers. He was knighted by the Queen for his efforts, but rather than retire to enjoy the fruits of his labours, he went straight back into polar exploration. And one day his luck ran out, as he froze to death in the Antarctic wastelands. The effect of the cold on his body was so devastating that even his ghost was frozen solid. As a ghost, Sir Weston loves the cold more than anything else. Hardly surprising: since he’s frozen in a block of ice it’s unlikely he can do much else…Survival Guide: Sir Weston resides in cold storage for a reason. Whatever you do (and I cannot stress this enough), do NOT heat the room up, not even if you yourself feel like you’re about to freeze to death. Just wrap up warmer, or alternatively, do the much safer (and more sensible) thing and don’t enter cold storage in the first place. If you are stupid enough to heat things up, Sir Weston will get very angry and attempt to freeze you solid. If you could somehow melt the block of ice he’s encased in, he’d be powerless. However, this is one ghost I would seriously recommend just avoiding altogether…Scare-o-Meter: Name: Vincent Van GoreAKA: The Starving ArtistAge: 59Found In: The Artist’s StudioOptional/Required: RequiredHobby: PaintingQuote: Now does he grasp zee power of my creations? Bio: The works of some artists are highly prized for many centuries. The works of Vincent Van Gore, on the other hand, were not at all sought after, despite the fact the artist spent the last 30 years of his life creating them. He thought he was brilliantly skilled with a paintbrush and easel even though the rest of the world disagreed. Of course this eventually led to a fatal depression which culminated in him starving himself to death in his own studio. When he came back as a ghost, he continued to paint, but suddenly found out that if he painted a ghost, they came to life. He used this supernatural ability to flood the mansion with ghosts, and at last he felt that he was truly being appreciated. No one bothered to tell him that this wasn’t the case, so he was happy for the first time in his (after)life… Survival Guide: Van Gore himself is no threat, but due to his supernatural ability to bring his art to life, he is still very dangerous to confront. He also quite a quick painter and he can summon multiple ghosts from one painting so you can very quickly find yourself overwhelmed. If you somehow got rid of all his ‘creations’ he’d get very depressed and be no threat at all, but again, it’s best to avoid this ghost if you can possibly help it…Scare-o-Meter: FINAL BOSSName: King BooAge: UnknownFound In: The Secret Altar Optional/Required: RequiredHobby: Not disclosedQuote: This Mario painting looks lonely! I must have a Luigi painting as well! Now join your brother…….inside the painting!Bio: King of all the Boos, not too much is known about this dastardly ghoul. He does, however, command an army of Boos, and he’s a deadly enemy of the Mario brothers. He was the mastermind behind the whole fake mansion plot and the one who kidnapped Mario to turn him into a painting, and now wants a Luigi painting to complete the set…Survival Guide: King Boo is single-handedly the most powerful, evil and downright dangerous of all the ghosts in the mansion, possibly even in the world. He can fight you directly if he so wishes and he has the power to teleport his victims to other parts of the mansion if he feels it would give him more of an advantage in battle. The real ace of his sleeve however (not that he has any sleeves, just a really cool and expensive crown) is his 40 foot robotic replica of the infamous Koopa King Bowser. The robot can easily crush a man underfoot, has both fire and ice breath and an unlimited supply of heavy spiked balls as ammunition. The head can also detach from the body, allowing King Boo to attack directly while also firing ice blasts. Occasionally the robot’s head reattaches the wrong way round and this will cause it to run around wildly, out of control until King Boo can find a way to spin the head around again. All these factors combine to create an almost unbeatable opponent. If you meet up with King Boo, I hope you’ll written your will beforehand cos there’s a very good chance you’ll be joining the ghosts in the mansion… as a permanent resident. You have been warned…Scare-o-Meter: There, they’re finally done. I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did concocting them…

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