[PS3] Lost: Via Domus

This is unlike any other LP that Vega and/or I ever did. It was completely recorded before we posted any of it. I bought this back in May of 2009 with the intent to LP it.

I got L0rdVega into Lost, and I knew this game was going to be shitty. Dan and I played part of it, but we just couldn’t get into it because we got stuck in this hole near the beginning and just got too frustrated. So I knew that when Vega finally came to my place again, we would have to try to play the whole game nonstop.

It took us almost all of a day, but we played it all. We just thought we were going to play as much as we could before we got too frustrated, but since we were switching off playing, our endurance lasted a lot longer than I thought. The game is a piece of shit, but the LP is pretty funny even though we were kind of retarded a few times during it. (I edited that shit out.)

Just like BS Kaizou, the viddler videos are on his page and the youtube ones are on mine. The viddler videos are linked in the descriptions of the youtube videos.

We called this “Let’s Endure” for a reason.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6RaLDRHg%5D

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