[SFC] – BS Kaizou Tyoujin Shubibinman Zero

So people were asking for L0rdVega and I to do a co-op LP, but because I have a Mac and he has a PC, we couldn’t for a long time. That changed in January of 2009 when Vega actually like moved into my house for a while.

We decided to do a co-op LP and wanted to do something fresh. Someone recommended this game to us, and it seemed like a good match. We played through it once and had a great time doing it.

The game is completely in Japanese and was never released for American consoles, but the gist of the story is that someone made something that someone else wanted to steal and we’ve gotta get it back. Or something. Still not sure. What I do know now is that as usual, the female character is better and Vega is a girl.

The youtube videos are hosted on my youtube account, and the viddler ones are on Vega’s viddler. Hope you enjoy the adventures of two anime kids, Young Dr. Wily, Tits, Beakman, and Vegeta.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6RarDRHg%5D

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Playlist on blip.tv!

Youtube Playlist!

1. Anime Jail – Viddler

2. Confusing – Viddler

3. Really Hard Level – Viddler

4. Aliens on a Train – Viddler

5. Plot Twist – Viddler

6. Nessie? – Viddler

7. The Thrilling Conclusion – Viddler




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