[SNES] Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

This was my first LP and the OP was extremely lacking. When I decided to start LPing, I wanted to do Bubsy because I had never beaten it as a child and it haunted me. A retro game store opened up in my neighborhood and I saw it there and knew I had to do it. What followed was what I still think was a pretty good shot at a first LP, though I have improved by the time of this writing.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6QE7DRHg%5D

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Bubsy Playlist on blip.tv!

Bubsy Playlist on Youtube!

1. Why? – youtube / blip.tv
2. Dying A Bit – youtube / blip.tv
3. Lactose Kills – youtube / blip.tv
4. Cloned Bosses Suck – youtube / blip.tv
5. Into the Canyon – youtube / blip.tv
6. Lost in a Maze – youtube / blip.tv
7. Luck, Luck, and More Luck – youtube / blip.tv
8. Never Going In A Door Again – youtube / blip.tv
9. Every Direction Is Death – youtube / blip.tv
10. Crocodile Ate My Platform D: – youtube / blip.tv
11. Two Levels In One! – youtube / blip.tv
12. Redic Boss Battle – youtube / blip.tv
13. The Spaceship – youtube / blip.tv
14. The Last Video, For Sure – youtube / blip.tv


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