[SNES] Claymates/Claymates Demo

This LP is available through blip.tv, youtube, and Viddler. I suggest blip.tv since you can download it like a podcast!

Game: Claymates
System: SNES
Year Released: 1993
Genre: Platformer

Another “why did I play this as a child?” game. You’re a blue ball of clay who can pick up other balls of clay and transform into weirdly shaped animals with stupid names like Oozy and Globmeister. A witch doctor transformed you.

This game is just too freaking crazy sometimes.

There are gems to collect and many locations to discover. The world maps have some kind of puzzles and the stages allow you many ways to collect the gems. Each weirdo character has multiple talents that must be used to finish the stages. The bonus games are odd. EVERYTHING IS JUST WEIRD.

Stop asking questions. Just watch the video.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6QFbDRHg%5D

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Playlist on blip.tv!

Youtube Playlist for Claymates!

1. Of Witch Doctors and Blue Clay – Viddler
2. Blue Balls – Viddler
3. Giant Flying Dog – Viddler
4. Purple Is Metal – Viddler
5. “Bonus Game” – Viddler
6. Braindead Robots – Viddler
7. Giant Spitting Clam – Viddler
8. GENKI DESU KA? – Viddler
9. Kousetsu Da – Viddler
10. Sumo – Viddler
11. Huge…Spider?? – Viddler
12. Maybe The Last Video – Viddler
13. Redeeming Myself – Viddler
14. Box O’ Whys? – Viddler
15. Finale – Viddler

Bonus: Claymates Demo! – Viddler


Soapynome wrote a song about Globmeister! (Check the video image for some crazy fan art from Lord Vega.)

Swordpatriot’s tribute to Globmeister is in the form of a Spore creature.

The Duke does his time playing the game.


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