[SNES] E.V.O: Search For Eden

Hey, guys! Welcome to an Let’s Play that is attempting to teach you facts about biology along with facts about a game! Afraid? Don’t be. We’re going to learn unique information about every creature we come across, from the fact that swordfish sometimes punch their way out of the bellies of sharks to that the head crests of some dinosaurs were actually their nose bones.

E.V.O.: Search For Eden was a game released for the Super Nintendo by Enix in 1993. It’s an action RPG but requires very little grinding, and the grinding requires the decimation of other species and sometimes even cannibalism!

In it, we’re trying to become the next Adam, the one worthy to be with Gaia, Mother Earth. Okay, well, it doesn’t make 100% sense, but let’s just roll with it.

We will start off as a tiny fish and evolve to kill sharks, an amphibian to eradicate the bees, and eventually make it to a state to beat the final boss, whomever that is.

I hope you guys enjoy this game as much as I do. Come with me as we evolve a bit at a time in order to become the fittest.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6RNbDRHg%5D

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1. To Get To Eden – youtube / viddler
2. How To Evolve – youtube / viddler
3. Don’t Judge Me – youtube / viddler
4. More Cannibalism – youtube / viddler
5. Bee Society Doesn’t Work Like This – youtube / viddler
6. Ribit Ribit – youtube / viddler
7. So Many Theories – youtube / viddler
8. Your Mom’s A Mammal! – youtube / Viddler
9. Fuck Reality – youtube / Viddler
10. Coated In Their Own Pee – youtube / Viddler
11. We’re Not Quite Done Here – youtube / Viddler
12. Ascending To Eden – youtube / Viddler
13. Bonus – The Birds and The Mammals – youtube / Viddler