[SNES-Hack] Super Ghetto World

So, my friends and fellow Non Losers, OmegaZultan (or Oz, as we call him) and Not Dave (ND) both LPed these Super Mario World hacks called Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Oz’s Let’s Play of Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 1 (has since been removed)

ND’s Let’s Play of Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 2

I really enjoyed both of their LPs and knew they were both really funny guys, so when it was mentioned to me that ghettoyouth (the hacker who did both hacks) had also done another hack before doing these, I jumped on the chance to do a co-op LP with the two of them. I decided I’d play the game and we’d do commentary over skype, which worked out pretty well.

Anyway, the LP consists of alternating videos and outtakes. The outtakes are only up on youtube, but the actual game play videos are on both youtube and viddler.

It’s a pretty short hack, but it’s difficult at times, and the two guys commentating with me really keep things lively and funny. Not Dave did some amazingly awesome artwork for the interlude videos, so check that out too!

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AY6RabDRHg%5D

Download for iTunes!

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Playlist on blip.tv!

Youtube Playlist!

0. Not Dave Has A Problem – youtube
1. Female Gamers – youtube / Viddler
1.5. Not Dave Can’t Stay In – youtube
2. Three Chain Koopas – youtube / Viddler
2.5. AOMP – youtube
3. A Gold Mine of Laughs – youtube / Viddler
3.5. David Hasselhoff – youtube
4. Ice Cold Fanta – youtube / Viddler
4.5. Not Brain – youtube
5. More Damn Ice – youtube / Viddler
5.5. What Was Cut – youtube
6. Pimp Moves – youtube / Viddler


MikeNnemonic puts his own spin on the word ghetto.


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