[Wii] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released on Wii in late 2009 and PS2 and PSP in early 2010. I am playing through the Wii version. I have played and beaten it multiple times, so I know the game pretty well. The game “psychologically profiles” you as you play it, meaning your decisions lead to different ends, character outfits, and items. It is also a reimagining of the first game so many elements like characters and situations are the same. The plot does swerve away drastically quickly.

Like all of the other Silent Hill games, the game is a survival horror game, though it is honestly the least scary game I’ve played. The “combat” is annoying at best and obnoxious most of the time. As I go through the game, I’ll be sure to let you know exactly what I love and hate, and why you’re seeing the things you see in the playthrough.

A few answers to questions:
Q) Are you going to show off alternate paths/endings/etc?
A) Once this LP is over, I will be doing a stream playthrough of the entire game where I intentionally take other paths, choose other options on personality tests, and get different character models and endings.

Q) Can I post spoilers in the comments?
A) Please don’t spoil SH:SM. It’s okay if you post spoilers to other Silent Hill games.

Q) Which Silent Hill games have you played?
A) I’ve played SH1, SH2, SH3, SH4, and part of Homecoming. My favorite is probably either 1 or 3. SH1 is the scariest to me, but I like the main character from 3, Heather, the best.

On to the videos!
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After I completed the LP, I did a stream. I haven’t had time to get the highlights together yet, but these are links to the full videos from ustream that I uploaded to youtube!

Stream Video 1
Stream Video 2
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